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Starting today, Hearst will begin handing out copies of its newest print product, a free weekly magazine called Trending NY, at commuter hubs throughout the city.Trending NY’s test run will last for four issues, with 50,000 copies of each being distributed between Mondays and Wednesdays of each week. Society Governing Body Standing Committee Technical Advisory Committee Working Groups Centers for Flood Management Studies Regional Coordination Committees Research Management and Outreach Division LABORATORIES The Institute has well-equipped laboratories with state-of-art monitoring and analytical instruments powered by a top-of-the-line team of scientists, supporting scientific and technical staff.The Nuclear Hydrology laboratory is equipped with the instruments for measurement of stable as well as radio isotopes in water and sediments.The facilities are used for tritium and carbon dating of groundwater.Sediment Dating laboratory has Multichannel Gamma Ray Spectrometer, Geolog Rate Meter, Neutron Moisture and Density Probe, Ultrasonic Depth Indicator.

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The application can be made on behalf of all participating local governments.

The d-excess varies significantly depending on temperature and humidity at the vapor sources.