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But when the bullets start flying, Allie doesn’t know which way to run.

Vyckie Garrison: I like to define Quiverfull as a very powerful head trip.

When she returns, she finds a pair of panties in her dresser that do not belong to her. The husband says, "I have no idea where they came from -- I don't do the laundry! Indignant, the maid replies, "Madam, how should I know? I don't even wear panties -- just ask your husband!

When Allie Grainger inherits her aunt’s Cape Canaveral beach house, all she wants is time to mourn her aunt’s death and her own failed marriage, but she hasn’t been back in town twenty-four hours before she stumbles on the body of a woman floating in the water at the Canaveral jetty, a woman who could be her twin sister. One is a childhood friend all grown up and turned cop. The third is a stranger who shows up on the beach the day the body is found.

In case you missed it, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show happened last night (airing next month), and the models didn’t fail in wearing the craziest get-ups around, including a Native American headdress and bike handlebars (seriously! When it comes to first dates, it’s not just about the outfit, but also what you’re planning to wear under it.

We’re not saying to show off your underwear to your date, but when wanting to feel desirable and sexy, why wouldn’t you wear something that puts an extra sway in your hips?

The great thing about this writer is she uses humor to crawl stealthily past the fronts we put up for all to see and then exposes us to ourselves.Personally, we’ve found great bra, pantie and lingerie finds at such places as Target and Forever 21 (their lingerie section is a hidden gem! So what do you typically decide to wear under your first date outfit?If you haven’t ever really put thought into it, we strongly suggest you start now. Also, you didn’t think we’d just mention the VS Show without letting you see all the goods did you? The Victoria’s Secret fashion show was last night, and it was bonkers. I wrote in between planning dinner menus and helping with homework. So, I hope that whatever mood this book finds you when you pick it up, that you set it down with a much lighter look at life. Men may not be able to personally relate to some of the experiences, but despite the title, I guarantee they will appreciate the humor!

Somewhere, in between essays, I vaguely remember a birthday cake. I learned to write while wiping little noses and little bottoms (not necessarily in that order or with the same tissue). --Vicky De Coster— In The Wacky World of Womanhood, Vicky De Coster takes the most mundane moments of our lives as well as the most horrifying and turns them into belly laughs!

It’s an all-encompassing vision of a big, happy family which infects the mind and affects every aspect of a Believer’s life.