Attractiveness and online dating

10-Jan-2017 09:21

The vulgar way of putting this has always been: a seven will date a seven, a six might date an eight, but a two will never marry a ten.

The exceptions to this rule appear to be based around how long two people have known each other before entering a romantic relationship.

Contrary to previous research, women differentiated more between profiles based on physical attractiveness than the men, especially for gender role congruent profiles.

That conclusion is a bit simplistic, of course, as there are many other things that enter into the attractiveness equation.

Online dating platforms are becoming more commonly used to meet and start a romantic relationship. Barth from the Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Alabama studied how gender role stereotypes affect attraction in an online dating scenario.

A previous study has indicated that more than one-third of marriages in America began online. They conducted an online survey with 416 college students, the majority white, half male and half female, through a Psychology Subject Pool.

After physical attractiveness, gender role incongruence was the greatest factor that determined interest in a profile.

Future research may need to consider how the potential seriousness of a relationship, as defined by the expected length of the relationship, influences how online profile characteristics affect attraction and interest.A recent Kelton study about online dating found that a third of Americans have used on online dating site or app – that’s three times as many people when compared to stats from 2013. With millions of love-seeking singles pouring their hearts (and smartphone batteries) out, big data has never been so fun.

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