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02-May-2016 21:50

To me the best thing about this is the new item coding system which you won't even notice unless I mess something up, but it practically cuts down 95% of the required coding.

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I must say I never though a little fishy could kill me I LOLed so hard when I was aww a fishy! maybe like a '# of lives' thing or an HP bar would be better. TWELVE YEAR OLD ME HAD NO IDEA WHAT SHE WAS DOING, SO EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD ME IS HERE TO CRACK DOWN. I identify as genderfluid, and feel free to use male or female pronouns! (This started out as a name for a character, turned into my nickname, and morphed into my real name. Additional facts: I identify as pansexual, I'm attracted to all genders/people, and my gender is fluid thus you can use whichever pronouns you feel like!